Thursday Night Net   ( Courtesy of MW0LUK )

The list of pdf files below consist of a series of reports compiled by Chris , MW0LUK, pertaining to the “local” net on 3.722 MHz run by the club on a Thursday evening at 19:30 local. They are usually very informative and a bit tongue in cheek.Reports can be requested from the club.

The Club Net Information Document

Reports are courtesy of Chris MW0LUK

Wed 26th Dec

Wed 19th Dec

Wed 12th Dec

Wed 5rd Dec

Wed 28th Nov

Wed 21st Nov

Wed 14th Nov

Wed 7th Nov

Wed 31st Oct

Wed 24th Oct

Wed 17th Oct

Thurs 31st Dec

Thur 24th Dec

Thurs 17th Dec

Thurs !0th Dec

Thurs 3rd Dec

Thurs 26th Nov

Thurs 19th Nov

Thurs 12th Nov

Thurs 5th Nov

Thurs 29th Oct

Thurs 22nd Oct

Thurs 15th Oct

Thurs 8th Oct

Thurs 1st Oct

Thurs 24th Sept

Thurs 17th Sept

Thurs 10th Sep

Wed 23rd Jan

Wed 16th Jan

Wed 9th Jan

Wed 2nd Jan


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The Thursday Night Net HQ somewhere in wildest Gwent

Thurs 18th Aug

Thurs 11th Aug

Thurs 4th Aug

Thurs 28th July

Thurs 21st July

Thurs 14th July

Thurs 7th July

Thurs 23rd June

Thurs 16th June

Thurs 9th June

Thurs 2nd June

Thurs 26th May

Thurs 5th May

Thurs 28th April

Thurs 21st April

Thurs 14th April

Thurs 7th April

Thurs 24th March

Thurs 17th march

Thurs 10th March

Thurs 3rd March

Thurs 25th Feb

Thurs 18th Feb

Thurs 11th Feb

Thurs 4th Feb

Thurs 28th Jan

Thurs 21st Jan

Thurs 14th Jan

Thurs 7th Jan





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