These are the dual frequency tones sent over the air to control remote equipment such as a DStar node or repeater.

In addition to linking and unlinking reflectors by means of the UR entry as documented in the  radio's handook the controlling of linking and unlinking can be controlled by DTMF commands. This includes CCS callsign routing.

It is much more convenient to use the DTMF codes than trying to alter rig settings on the fly and also you only need one rig memory for each gateway you are going to use

The commands are:

DTMF Command                                   Equivalent UR Command              Comment

“B1A” or “B01A”                                                         XRF001AL           Link to DExtra reflector XRF001 A

“*1C” or “*01C” or “*001C”                                       REF001CL          Link to D-Plus reflector REF001 C

“D5B” or “D502” or “D0502” or “D00502”                  DCS005BL          Links to DCS reflector DCS005 B

"D523" or "D0523" or "D00523                                  DCS005WL         Links to DCS reflector DCS005 W

"B55A" or "B055A"                                                     XRF055AL            Links to X reflector XRF055A

“#”                                                                             _______U           Unlink

“0” or “00”                                                                 _______I             Trigger a voice announcement

The underscore character is used to indicate a space character in the actual setting of the UR callsigns.

THe Gateway will then transmit a voice announcement stating which reflector it is linking to

You can send DTMF code 00 at any time to find out which if any reflector is currently linked

The different radios use different methods to access the DTMF tones and although it appears to be still written in "double Dutch" please persevere with the manual for your individual transceiver to access this feature.

NB: not all nodes / repeaters use this system but in the South West / Wales, we all do. Please NEVER leave the node / repeater unlinked when you are finished

DTMF Tones


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