This page is for any Dstar related updates and news relating to the node network in and around South Wales

In addition to having 2 Dstar repeaters in South Wales, local users can also access the network via a group of simplex nodes. These are very similar to a repeater for the end user but please note that they do NOT rebroadcast any messages on another frequency locally. They take the rf from your transceiver and input it into the network. This in effect means that unless you are in simplex range of the transmitting station, you will only hear one side of the conversation so please listen carefully before transmitting or changing reflector to ensure that a QSO is not ongoing.


Many people have some difficulty in programming their transceivers and in any event it can be very time consuming doing it by hand even with the programming software and just about impossible without it. To this end, I have added .icf files to the site which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. I will try to keep these as up to date as possible but don't forget you will still need to change to your own callsign and message.


Ic E2820

80/880 courtesy of GW7RQM

Right click and save target as name of your choice.icf

CCS7 system

Callsign routing via dtmf tones has now been implemented on all the local nodes and will also be implemented soon on the 2 local repeaters. This allows for callsign routing via the controls on the microphone rather that mucking about in the urcall field. Remember however that you have to register your callsign at to obtain your 7 digit dtmf tone if you wish to use this facility. Read more about it and how to use it here

(MW0GUK 8 Feb 14 DPRS ccs.icf)

(880 new program 2 dec 2013 PAUL.icf)

(MW0GUK 7 Feb 14 DPRS ccs.icf)

DStar Updates and Nodes


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